Board of Directors

In 2005, the Government appointed a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC) Board (the Australian Refrigeration Council – ARC) to administer the RAC licensing scheme.

The Board comes from the ARC membership and is, therefore, representative of the RAC industry. The Board consists of three directors responsible for the stationary sector and three directors responsible for the automotive sector. The ARC CEO is the executive director.

Refrigerant Reclaim Australia

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia

Michael Bennett, Chairperson

Mark Padwick

Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists of Australia

National Electrical and Communications Association

Brett Meads

Larry Moore

Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce

Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors Association

John Khoury

Sumit Oberoi

Australian Refrigeration Council

Australian Refrigeration Council

Glenn Evans, CEO

Richard Livingston, Secretary