Consumer awareness

There is a clear and present risk if consumers use non-licenced technicians to install or service their air conditioners or refrigerators - a risk to both the environment and their wallet.

Licenced technicians and authorised businesses have shown themselves to be qualified to do the job consumers have hired them to do. They have met the licensing / authorisation requirements under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 and the fact that a licence holder must adhere to an Industry Code of Practice and possess the skills to do the job - minimises the risk of refrigerant emission.

Non-licenced technicians and businesses have not demonstrated their willingness to adhere to their legal obligations and this may reflect in their services. Consumers run the risk of:

  • Sub-par service / installation which may mean additional services are required
  • Risk of product warranty becoming null and void
  • Risk of refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere - bad for the environment and bad for the performance of the system

Visit the ARC consumer website for further information.