RTO Information Packs - Stationary

Each year around Australia, an increasing number of young people begin apprenticeships in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, and RAC technicians return to the classroom to gain new qualifications and advance their careers.

Every educator will be familiar with the challenges of keeping students engaged in their studies and optimistic about their future in this flourishing industry.

While the Australian Refrigeration Council’s primary responsibility is to administer refrigerant handling licences and refrigerant trading authorisations for the Federal Government, we also work hard to provide ongoing support to our licence holders by producing a range of fact sheets, publications and promotional materials.

This resources sample pack contains a selection of materials to assist you and your students.  We’ve also included a comprehensive list of other technical and communication resources we produce.

Download and print extra copies of the publications from these links, or send us an email at comms@arctick.org to receive hard copies.

Refrigerant Handling Code of Practice for Stationary RAC Equipment 2007

What are you doing with your contaminated or unusable refrigerant?

Penalties under the Act and the Regulations

No ‘topping up’ of air cond/refrig systems