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TAFEs and registered training organisations (RTO) play an important role in shaping new refrigeration and air conditioning professionals through the quality of the training they provide.

Many of the licences provided by the ARC require National Quality Council-endorsed qualifications provided through RTOs. Click here to see which qualifications are required for each licence type.

A refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) trainee licence is required for a person who is handling refrigerant while undertaking training and/or assessment leading to a qualification in refrigeration and/or air conditioning.

Two trainee licence types are available through the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC):

  • Trainee – for handling of refrigerant in classroom and workplace
  • Trainee classroom – for handling of refrigerant in classroom only

Recognition of Prior Learning and Recognition of Current Competency towards approved qualifications relative to the refrigerant handling licence you require may also be provided by some RTOs.


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