Can I convert an existing R410A system to R32?

No. R32 is not suitable as a drop-in replacement for R410A and must only be used in systems specifically designed for R32.

R410A systems are not designed to operate using a flammable refrigerant and would require extensive modification and laboratory validation to confirm that the safety level has been increased to a level that satisfies the requirements of international standards set for systems that use R32.

It is not just the electrical components that must be compliant with the mandatory safety requirements (i.e. AS/NZS 60335.2.40) for the refrigerant used, it is the whole air conditioner. This includes surface temperatures, operating and installation instructions, markings and warning labels, mechanical strength etc. Anyone doing a conversion or modification takes on the responsibilities of the designer/manufacturer and therefore must certify that the modified product is compliant with all applicable codes and standards.

Compliance with AS/NZS 60335.2.40 can only be ascertained by physical testing in a laboratory and AS/NZS 5149.1:2016 has refrigerant charge limit requirements. As a result, it is difficult for any technician to confirm compliance.

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