About the ARC

The Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC) is the peak body for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Australia, servicing over 100,000 individuals and businesses. The ARC provides leadership, value and knowledge to the industry through:

  • Licensing and regulatory assistance
  • Technical advice
  • Preparing technicians for future technologies
  • Actively promoting training quality
  • Connecting customers to ARC-licensed businesses
  • Free promotional materials for ARC-licensed businesses
  • Helping industry to “build their businesses” through various services

The ARC administers refrigerant handling licences and refrigerant trading authorisations on behalf of the Australian Government, to professionals in the refrigeration/air conditioning and auto industry.
We also assisted with the administration of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) star rating labelling scheme.

Our vision

A safe, environmentally friendly and dynamic climate control industry.

Our mission

Setting new standards.

Fast Facts